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The Year in Review – January 1st 2014

The first big story of 2014 is Marijuana. Lets begin with something nice, shall we?

‘1st January, 2014 : Marijuana for recreational use went on sale starting January 1st in the state of Colorado. Colorado became the first state to allow the sale of the drug for recreational purposes in stores and around thirty stores were expected to open. Despite the state legislation, marijuana is still an illegal drug according to federal law.’

‘On the first day of 2014, after 55 percent of voters green-lighted the sale of recreational pot back in 2012, Colorado began retail sales to those 21 or older. True believers in national legalization are taking notes on Denver’s remarkably functional system. Purchases are limited to one ounce at a time to residents; out-of-staters can buy a quarter of an ounce. It is taxed heavily: a 25 percent state tax on top of a standard 2.9 percent sales tax. That’s expected to bring in $67 million a year for the state, with more than $27 million earmarked for schools. The licensing process for shops is extensive, and there is a waiting list. Unlicensed individuals who happen to have copious amounts of marijuana can also legally “give” up to an ounce to a friend, but no money can be exchanged in the process.’

Yes, ‘it is taxed heavily’, but ‘That’s expected to bring in $67 million a year for the state, with more than $27 million earmarked for schools.’

So, the big question is, how much benefit have the schools in Colorado seen in 2014 from the proceeds of legal marijuana sales? Let’s find out:

hm, no mention of school benefits here, but it’s still early:

$2 MILLION for schools in just a few months? Wow! what have the schools done with it?

‘The pot taxes come from a 12.9 percent sales tax and a 15 percent excise tax. Voters approved the taxes last year. They said that the first $40 million of the excise tax must go toward school construction; the rest will be spent by state lawmakers.’ — Associated Press.

Good, so where is the construction?

‘Often times, a development will generate acreage, but not enough for an entire school site. In these cases, the District may choose to accept a smaller site. These smaller sites would help mitigate the growing needs for support service space as the District grows, such as support facilities or administrative buildings, Early Childhood Centers, or special needs and alternative facilities. The District may also collect cash-in-lieu of land, or a combination of both. Collecting cash-in-lieu for smaller dedications allows the District to consolidate cash-in-lieu funds and use this money to purchase school sites to address growth in enrollment.’

Okay, but just a few things. Building more houses? Okay, well maybe ‘education’ is so good in Colorado, that people want their kids to get the best, so you probably need more housing for that.
HOWEVER… Why do Colorado state need to collect ‘cash-in-lieu funds’? when they said that ‘the first $40 million of the excise tax must go toward school construction’?

Is it just me? Am I tainted by skepticism? Am I merely jumping the gun here? Currently we are at March 2014 (going by the timeline of stories and articles) and already it would appear that schools and education have taken second place to big money? ‘Mobile classrooms’ versus ‘Luxury Market Report’?
Perhaps it IS just me. After all, the legalization of Marijuana WAS a big deal. $19 million in sales in January alone. Perhaps this new phase just needs time to settle down. Let’s have a look:

Brilliant. A new biology building at Colorado State University. Yippee!

“We are pleased to announce that, in April 2014, students at Colorado State University approved a facilities fee increase that will provide $57M of the estimated $81M needed to build a brand-new biology building to open by Fall of 2017. We are initiating a campaign to raise the remaining $24M, and will be looking to you, our alumni and friends, to help in this effort.”

Looking at this conservatively, let’s imagine that the taxes earmarked for schools, that come from marijuana sales stays at $2 million A MONTH. Already that should be $8 million in the bank (and that’s not including earned interest). By fall of 2017 (say for argument’s sake – August) that’s $2 million x 42 (months) = $84 million. Colorado State have earmarked $57m (not including interest) so, could Colorado State not provide the remaining $24m?

Yes I know, I am being skeptical again. It’s early, plenty of time for all that. I wonder how much interest in the bank account $2 million*12 (the time of writing this blog) has generated so far?

All I want to know is how many schools are projected to be built in Colorado, using the taxed ‘profits’ of marijuana sales. How hard can that be?

Now I KNOW it’s not me. These figures don’t add up already.

According to News.Mic:

‘In the first three months of legalization, Colorado collected $7.3 million from just recreational taxes and $12.6 million in licensing and fees.’

Yet The Denver Post suggests:

‘The marijuana excise tax — which is 15 percent on unprocessed recreational pot sales on its first sale – — netted about $3 million from January through June 30.’ Is this overall? In Total? ‘on it’s first sale’ ‘from January to June’? What?

So is it $7.3m in 3 months or $3m in 6 months? hm….. I think I know which one I am going with.

Thing is, if people can’t even agree on how much money has been earmarked from this one area, how can they possibly know how much to allocate for school projects?

Let’s skip a few months and look at how far Colorado have come in terms of profit, I mean progress, shall we?

September 2014:

‘During the month of July, the state received $838,711 from a 2.9% tax on medical marijuana, meaning that patients spent an estimated $28.9 million at dispensaries. The state meanwhile raked in $2.97 million from a 10% sales tax on retail marijuana, putting those sales at about $29.7 million, according to calculations by the Cannabist.’

October 2014:

‘New figures from the Colorado Department of Revenue show that recreational marijuana sales continued to climb in August, the most recent month for which data are available. Recreational sales totaled approximately $34.1 million in August, up from $29.3 million the previous month.’

November 2014:

‘In conclusion, the legal marijuana market has already had a positive impact on Colorado by reducing the number of marijuana-related arrests, generating tens of millions in tax revenue in the first year alone, and boosting direct and collateral economic sectors.’

You know, somehow, I don’t think education is going to get a fair crack of the whip here. Let’s breakdown the ‘facts’ as quoted in the above articles:

Taxation of the sales of marijuana is either 29.7%, 25%, 10%, 17.9% or 15%.

Of those figures $27m or the first $40m is earmarked for schools and school construction.

To date,  the profit from sales of marijuana is either up or down:

and whilst’$27m’ or ‘the first $40 million’ of this tax is earmarked for ‘school construction’, those schools will still have to find their own way of financing those projects, but new houses are not a problem?

Do you see what I see? A State Government that is so gleeful about all this ‘money’ in their coffers, they haven’t got any real clue about how much is there, or even what to spend it on. Like a greedy little kid that doesn’t want anyone to know he has candy.

I wonder how many of these figures were calculated using the new Common Core mathematical equation system? You know the one:

‘It doesn’t matter if the answer is wrong, if your calculations make sense’

Okay, so that’s what happened on January 1st 2014. Just one story from one day, in one state. 1298 words not including links.

Great. I think I understand why people are so keen to just keep moving forward.



Recent History and wow, that’s a lot, isnt it?

Well we are about to say goodbye to this year and hello to the next one. Is anyone looking forward to that?

I thought it might be nice to have a look over the year, pick up on the big stories, and see what we did about that, what we learned.

You know, it seems that everybody is so keen to move forward that nobody seems to have been able to just stop and ask ‘did we resolve that in the end?’ or ‘what did we do about so and so?’ A good example of this is Jihadi John. Remember him? Alleged real name Al Jenny? Beheaded several American and British civilians? I don’t know about you, but after his name was broadcast with such confidence, I would have thought picking him up, would have been a cake walk, yet I haven’t heard a dickie bird, nothing. Nada.

January 2014 – Do you remember the chemical spill in West Virginia? Sure you do:

So, what happened? hm:

Good. Great in fact. Some-one actually being held accountable for their actions. Way to go West Virginia.

Oh. Well, I guess the logic here is that because a few of the victims were in fact, employees, that’s okay? We shall watch this in the New Year.


  • President Obama Announces NSA Reforms (Jan. 17): President Obama announces reforms to the country’s surveillance program based on his advisory panel’s recommendations. He says that while he believes the activities of the NSA were legal, he acknowledges that some compromised civil liberties. “Our system of government is built on the premise that our liberty cannot depend on the good intentions of those in power,” Obama says. “It depends on the law to constrain those in power.” The reforms he outlines include: requiring NSA analysts to get a court order to access phone data unless in cases of emergencies; an eventual end to the collection of massive amounts of metadata by the government; the NSA will stop eavesdropping on leaders of allied nations; officials can pursue a phone number linked to a terrorist association by two degrees rather than three; and Congress will appoint advocates to argue on the side of civil liberties before the FISA court. He does not implement the recommendation about national security letters.

 Wow, was that January? It felt like just yesterday.

Okay, so that’s another subject on the back burner. I am beginning to wonder what we actually HAVE resolved?

UN-Led Negotiations Begin in Geneva (Jan. 22): Much-anticipated negotiations brokered by the UN between the Syrian government, members of the opposition, the U.S., Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Russia begin in Switzerland. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon invites Iran at the last minute but then quickly un-invites Syria’s closest ally when it refuses to accept terms of the talks requiring Assad to step aside and allow for the formation of a transition government. While there is little hope for a peace agreement, just getting the parties to the table is considered progress.

This is more like it. Sort of. ‘Un-invited’? – Can they do that? Sorry, your name is not on the list. You can’t come in. I wonder how Iran responded to that? Oh….wait….

Is anyone surprised? Still, it’s not like America needed Iran in the first place, is it?

‘both sides could try to avoid escalation by continuing with the status quo ante set by the JPOA, which, among other things, limits the level of enrichment by Iran and the imposition of new sanctions by the U.S.’

Sanctions? Ah yes, because they worked so well with Russia, didn’t they?
Okay, so that’s another ‘Work in Progress’ matter. Let’s do this another way. Let’s have a look at stories that we might not have heard about first. What else happened in January 2014?

  • The US Senate confirms Janet Yellen as the new chair of the Federal Reserve; Yellen will be the first woman to hold this post. (Washington Post)
  • Syrian opposition–Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant conflict.Belligerents mass execute dozens of their combatant prisoners. (BBC)
  • Alberta Health Services confirms first avian flu death in Alberta. A person admitted to hospital on January 1, 2014, died on January 3 in Calgary. (Calgary Herald)

Avian Flu? That’s back, is it? Nice to know.

  • 14-year-old boy Aitizaz Hassan in northern Pakistan is killed stopping a suicide bomber at the main gate of his school but saves the lives of all of his schoolmates gathered for their morning assembly. The Sunni group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claims responsibility for the attack. (CNN) (Al Jazeera)

This boy, that you never heard of, has since been ‘nominated for an award by Nawaz Sharif.

  • The government of Afghanistan announces the release of 72 Taliban fighters from jails, despite American objections that they pose a security threat. (ABC News)

America objected, did they? The saying ‘do as I say, not as I do’ springs to mind:

  • Insane Clown Posse sues the Federal Bureau of Investigation for accusing its fangroup, the Juggalos, of being a gang. (NBC News)

The FEDs are being sued? Regardless of the details, this is a story in itself. Can you sue the Federal Bureau of Investigation? I thought they were above the law?

  • In the US Congress, a bill is introduced to restore the fast track negotiating authority, under which the president could negotiate trade agreements that Congress could not amend, but could only vote “yes” or “no” on. The bill’s sponsors mentioned talks with the EU as well as the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. (Reuters), (US Senate)
  • The number of people with their personal information stolen from Target stores is up from 40 million to 70 million. (CNN)

70 MILLION?? and no-one (aside from CNN) thought that MIGHT be important?

  • Mexican Drug War
    • Communitary forces take several towns in Mexican state of Michoacán trying to expel the Knights Templar Cartel forces, and prompting the intervention of Mexican Army against them.(CNN)

Not to worry, I am sure America will welcome them. Again, a CNN story. Is it just a story though?

  • Russia expels American journalist David Satter from the country in the first such case since 1982. (The Guardian)


  • The Guardian reports that the National Security Agency collects data from hundreds of millions of text messages each day. (The Guardian)
  • A child trafficking ring is smashed in the Philippines through the efforts of British, American, and Australian authorities. (USA Today)

I didn’t hear a thing about this. How big was this ring? Did it impact on the pedophilia market? How many children were potentially saved? How is it, that Britain, America and Australia can work together on this and yet STILL can’t rescue a single hostage held by IS?

  • A British photographer designs and builds a drone as a low cost alternative for shooting nature documentaries. (Reuters)

Well, well, well. And we thought America was to blame. Was this the first drone? Is this where America got the idea for drones that can peek through your windows, or open your front door?

  • President Barack Obama announces a sprawling reform that would begin the process of change in the National Security Agency. (The Chicago Tribune)

Ah, if only. What is this ‘sprawling reform’. In my world sprawling means sit, lie, or fall with one’s arms and legs spread out in an ungainly or awkward way and spread out over a large area in an untidy or irregular way. Spread, stretch, be strung out, be scattered, straggle, spill. So, that sounds like a tidy process. All airtight and leak resistant, doesn’t it?

  • Two students, a male and a female in stable condition, are each shot in the arm by an at-large gunman, who may be a student, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Delaware Valley Charter School high school. (MSN)

An ‘at large gunman’?? We all heard about Sandyhook, why wasn’t this bigger? Did they eventually catch the guy? PS, I never believe a word from MSN, so it will be interesting to find out the details of this article.

  • The United Kingdom rejects its involvement in combat drone attacks by the United States in Pakistan. (BBC News)
  • Certain sanctions against Iran are lifted by the European Union and the United States through a nuclear deal. (The Washington Post)

There’s those ‘sanctions’ again. It didn’t take long to impose then and then lift them again did it? I mean, this is JUST January. 31 days and I am currently only half way through.

  • Global surveillance disclosures (2013–present). Mike Rogers accuses Edward Snowden of collaborating with Russia. (BBC News)
  • Kenneth Bae, an American prisoner in North Korea, releases a message to the United States for help. (The Huffington Post)


Five members of the e=”Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI,   who in 1971 stole documents from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and gave them to journalists, come forth. The leak exposed COINTELPRO, a program of surveillance and blackmail against American leftists including Martin Luther King, Jr. (New York Times) (The Guardian) (New York Magazine)

  • Kim Guadagno denies accusations that she withheld funds for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. (CBS News)
  • Pakistani military aircraft bomb suspected Taliban hideouts killing 25 militants in North Waziristan. (India Today)

Suspected? Was this ever confirmed?

  • Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell and his wife are indicted on federal corruption charges for allegedly receiving various financial benefits from a businessman seeking favors from the state government. (Fox News)
  • New data published independently by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration show that the global warming trend is continuing. (ABC News)
  • A student was shot and killed at South Carolina State University and police were looking for 4 suspects. (Reuters)

Where not are? So they found them? Who were they? Why did they do this? Another student. Surely if the Prez wanted to push for gun reform, making THESE stories more prominent, would aid that? What is going on with our young? Where are all these guns coming from?

  • A shooting at the Columbia Mall in the U.S. state of Maryland results in 3 people being killed. (BBC)
  • The U.S. Justice Department and the Director of National Intelligence reach a preliminary joint agreement, likely resolving a lawsuit with the major American Internet provider companies (Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, and LinkedIn), about the information the companies can release to customers regarding requests by the intelligence agencies for information. (NBC)

why isn’t this bigger news? What sort of information is being released about us? Don’t we have the right to know?

  • DNA analysis reveals that the Plague of Justinian responsible for killing up to half the population of Europe in 6th century AD was caused by a variant of Yersinia pestis, the same bacterium believed to have caused the Black Death. (Health Canal)
  • In the US Senate, James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, calls for the return of NSA documents by “Snowden and his accomplices”; asked whether this includes journalists, Clapper’s spokesperson says “Director Clapper was referring to anyone who is assisting Edward Snowden to further threaten our national security through the unauthorized disclosure of stolen documents related to lawful foreign intelligence collection programs.” (The Guardian)
  • Scientists find a way to convert normal cells into stem cells, which can be used for any part of the body. Previously, the standard method of obtaining stem cells was to get them from an embryo. (The New York Times)
  • U.S. President Barack Obama signs the myRA at a visit to U.S. Steel’s Irvin Works in metropolitan Pittsburgh. (C-SPAN 24:50) (WTAE-TV) (

The what? Why is this news?

  • U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announces that federal prosecutors will seek the death penalty against Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. (CNN)
  • The Danish coalition government breaks up as widespread turmoil over the partial sale of the state-owned DONG Energy to Goldman Sachs leads to the withdrawal of the Socialist People’s Party. (Copenhagen Post)
  • Scientists warn that penguin populations may be declining due to extreme environmental conditions related to climate change (The Guardian)

The ‘mythical’ climate change?

  • For the first time in its 54-year history the State Water Project announces a zero water allocation for the state of California providing no water to urban residents or farmers this year amid a record setting drought. (LA Times) (Mercury News)

California, a pretty big state, has no water? If that were Africa, Water Aid would be straight int here, yet this only warrants an article in Mercury (?) news and the L.A Times. What am I missing?

Hm, it’s clear I have my work cut out for me. Now, either I could post all the updates and maybe The Guinness Book of World Records would record this as the longest blog ever, OR, throughout January, I will post the stories above, with any follow ups. That sounds like a great idea.

I have deliberately chosen the above headlines and stories because I cant help but read them and ask: Who is that? What happened after that? Where did they find that out? Why did that happen? How do they know? Who??

For example, I thought Climate change, global warning, was just a myth? When does a conspiracy theory become fact? It seems that, even when it’s confirmed by our loyal and most trusted of Governments, there are those who still believe it’s not true? Which mainstream media outlets are lying to us and which stories do we believe?

Remember the above articles are only from January 2014.

Ultimately, it comes down to faith. We have to choose what we believe and hope that we are right. So, the above morsels should help us figure that out. I will chase up the above stories, but if you would like to know about a story you heard, why not comment?



“Goodwill Is The One And Only Asset That Competition Cannot Undersell or Destroy.”

Good Morning 😀

It’s a beautiful sunny day and it is an important day for many people. For me it is important because I celebrate the Winter Solstice, rather than the ‘traditional’ ideology. I am not getting into politics today but I would just like to say:

You make me laugh. You STEAL a pagan festival, fair enough, but now you argue about what to call it? Dear me. Surely it doesn’t matter? Surely the whole point of December 25, is Peace on Earth and Goodwill to ALL men?

Anyway, I hope you all find peace today. I hope you find it in your hearts to have and show goodwill to all those around you, whether you know them, or whether they are strangers, or even just for the ‘stuff’ you read or hear about on the news. Please. Try to be nice to your fellow brethren. Just for ONE day. One out of 365. Is that too much?

Right, so onto why I am writing this piece today. I have been asked why I hide my identity? That is a very good question and there are two reasons:

1) I am aware that some of my posts may be a bit, um, inflammatory? That is intentional. I make no apologies for that.

2) I have been open about who I am on previous occasions, however, there are people in the world who would rather stop me for speaking my mind and I can’t allow that to happen. Not whilst there are still eyes that need to be opened. Not while there are people who are still not aware of the truth.

3) My identity doesn’t change the facts. Your biggest concern should not be ‘who writes this stuff?’ Your biggest concern should be ‘How can we stop this?’ My identity doesn’t stop people being killed, doesn’t stop the imminent threat of martial or nuclear war. Knowing my identity changes nothing. Absolutely nothing. I know that some of my posts do seem to be outrageous, however, I tell it the way I see it. I believe that Anonymous have the right idea. By keeping my identity ‘secret’ or ‘hidden’, I am clearly not out for ‘fame’ or ‘notoriety’ or anything like that. I can’t possibly have a ‘hidden agenda’ (thanks for suggesting that though, that was funny).

Three. There are THREE reasons.

I had a conversation recently about Adolf Hitler. A friend suggested ALL images/records of him be destroyed in order to stop him ‘being immortalized’. Aside from the fact he has already been immortalized, in history, it made me realize how many more people could be included in this statement. Herod, Maximilian Robespierre, Idi Amin Dada. I could go on, the list is endless. This is just a small snippet:

I don’t think re-writing history in the way this person suggested is the answer. Instead, I think we should look more closely at these evil dictators, and use them as an example of who we should not become. It starts with just one day. If you can bring peace and show goodwill for just ONE day, then you are already better than any dictator person in history.

So, I will continue to post my thoughts on the horrible things happening in the world. I will continue to keep my identity private (though if anyone wanted to offer ME a job, by all means, leave a comment. They require moderation, so it wont be public 🙂 ).

And I will continue to try and try to open eyes, open hearts and encourage people to be better, to be more.

Have a blessed and peaceful Yuletide. Just for one day.


The Difference Between Racist and Elitist

My blood is boiling (can you tell I am off work this Christmas week?). The more I am pondering the more flipping annoyed I am getting. THE President of The United States of America has come forward with a memory he recalled from THIRTEEN years ago. Just now. Not at anytime during the shooting of innocent black people, no just when the protests are becoming more peaceful. That can’t be a good thing.

‘I know, let’s get in touch with the people. Let’s assimilate ourselves with the working classes. Here’s a good story:

‘Yes, yes. That will help keep the peace. Nobody is going to kill any ethinic minorities after THIS little gem’:

Oh, before I get to my point, let me show you this too:

By all means, you go for it. Start the ‘race wars’ all over again. I admit, it had been getting pretty quiet, good job we had these particular incidents to keep the fires burning.

What is pissing me off the most, is this:

Seriously Kyle? Seriously??

I don’t really care about the points raised on The View. They are both valid in their own ways. I am more concerned with people like Kyle, who seem to actually advocate the confusion between Racist and Elitist.

Is there a particular reason why it is so horrifying to be mistaken for a waiter, or a shop assistant? Are you too good for those jobs or people? Did you never take a job you didn’t really like, to help you through college or university or even just to tide you over? I have been mistaken for an assistant many times. I didn’t feel so traumatized that it was 13 YEARS before I felt I could talk about it to anyone.

So, tell me, is it racist to confuse a person with an employee of an establishment, or is it Elitist to consider yourself too good to do a job like that? For fuck’s sake (and THAT’S how annoyed I am).

You know, there are people in the world, just like Kyle here, who have fallen into the ‘generic trap’ of believing people (mostly black) are lazy and sponge off the State. Is it any wonder, when these very people look down on those who make our lives easier? People we so take for granted, that we don’t even look at their faces, we just assume them to be who they are (like a waiter, a car jock, a shop assistant).


1. (of a person or class of persons) considered superior by others or by themselves, as in intellect, talent, power, wealth, or position in society: to or associated with an elitist class, its ideologies, or its institutions.
3.a person having, thought to have, or professing superior intellect or talent, power, wealth, or membership in the upper echelons of society.
4. a person who believes in the superiority of an elitist class. – The Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2014.

 Isn’t it just the slightest bit possible that we are so busy thinking, planning, organizing, that we just ‘assume’ some things? Why is that then turned into racism?


1.a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one’s own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.
2.of or like racists or racism: racist policies; racist attitudes.
– The Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2014.

Stop fueling the fire! IF those cases were racist, how come we don’t know the colour of the people who committed these heinous acts? We are to ASSUME that the people in question were white, purely because the Obamas aren’t? Huh? Why is it a big deal if the Obama’s went through this experience (IF indeed they did. Don’t you think some-one else would have remembered that? Can you pass me that can please? Sure here you go. OMG Michelle Obama, I am real sorry I didn’t see you there FIRST LADY) Frankly I am amazed it was so mild, considering the levels of racism against black people out there. But then, anything bigger would probably have to be proven, or be on record somewhere, considering he was the representative of  the 13th district of the Illinois State Senate, at the time. Instead why not say: It was no big deal and look where I am today? Why even bother mentioning a case of mistaken identity, in the wake of the Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, John Crawford et al cases?

This two incidents are NOT racist in my opinion. They are clear examples of elitism, and to be honest, if the citizens of the USA wish to confuse these two very SIMPLE ideologies, then you deserve everything that’s coming your way.
And just one more thing. North Korea are alleged to have nuclear capabilities. Do you REALLY think this is the way to deal with them?

Come on now, how old are you? 13?

Speaking of imminent threats of terrorism, what happened to the alleged threats from ISIS to invade America this Christmas? Why is American military equipment at the Russian border? Divert, Deflect. With a meaningless story designed to inflame already heightened emotions? Well played Prez. Well played.



1 One Thousand, 2 One Thousand, BANG!

So much to say and no words to say it with. This is possibly what goes through a patrolman’s mind when faced with a highly dangerous situation. What to do?

Freeze! Put your hands up! Throw down your weapon! Get on the ground! don’t move!

Trouble is, that takes much longer than two seconds, doesn’t it? I tried. It took me 4.7 seconds. Wow, I could be dead by now. But then I had neither adrenaline coursing through my veins, nor many years of intensive training on how to control a  situation.

In the case of Tamir Rice, he was just a 12-year-old boy who was playing by himself with a BB gun. Okay, let’s be fair. The gun was in his pants when the cops came tearing up (incidentally, why weren’t they using their lights? I can’t say the sirens weren’t blaring because the CCTV footage had no sound). The cop said he looked about 20. Watch the footage. See how close to the car Tamir was, and then tell me he looked 20. The cops said they couldn’t see the orange tip, which would have identified the gun as being a toy. I am not surprised. The gun was in his pants. Let’s say all of this is true. Then tell me why the police have not even said sorry for killing a 12-year-old boy? By all means justify that with ‘we had to make a judgement call, it was unfortunate, but we have to make snap decisions’. Not great, but understandable.

PS, what happened to the dispatcher who failed numerous times to inform those guys that the gun ‘was probably fake’? Not a word about her, is there? Surely she is the one who caused this to happen?

Anyway, that is not why I am writing this blog. Tamir was just one incident in a whole plethora of ‘tricky’ situations. My question here, is why shoot to kill? What happened to the days when you got shot in the leg first? Why is it that civilians are required by law to fire a warning shot first? I remember when cops had to do this too?

“In short, don’t draw your firearm until you honestly believe you are in immediate danger of death or great bodily harm. “

I digress. As I said this blog is not about picking holes in a police statement, which is clearly contradicted by video footage.

This is a blog about conscience. I personally believe when a cop is accused of homicide (as is the case with Tamir) he should be tried as a civilian, in a civilian court, with a civilian jury. That’s Karma. Tell me, how many people are currently on death row for committing a crime just like this or even similar or just for shooting A person, regardless of age, colour or circumstance?

What I completely disagree with, is a civilian acting as Judge, Jury and Executioner.

This is how it breaks down. I come to your house, I shoot your kid. A stranger gets a gun, goes down the street and shoots the local shopkeeper. Why?

So it beggars (or maybe it doesn’t) belief that a guy could shoot two patrolmen who were just sitting in their car. Conveniently (perhaps) this guy went and shot himself. But even that doesn’t add up. According to a police spokesman (who always tells the truth, in case you didn’t know. It’s the law) claimed that this man approached a couple of civilians and asked them to watch his instagram. He apparently also said “watch what I am gonna do”. Yet he never said why? At what point did this guy send one or more instagrams? When he was dying in the tube station?

End of the day, it looks like this: Vigilantes like this guy are the very reason martial law is coming. People like those violent protesters in Ferguson and NY are the reason the Government want Mraps on the street, all across America. These incidents are EXACTLY why the Government want to ban all guns.

Sadly, it seems as if civilians are wanting this to happen. People seem to be very gung-ho about instigating a civil war. And just who is backing these people up? Who is actively pushing for this to happen? Main Stream Media:

How helpful is that? why glamorize the few who call for violence, and largely ignore the peaceful protests that far outweighed these isolated incidents? Because that’s not news, right?

Or that’s the best way to incite more violence? That’s the best way to ensure martial law.

In good conscience, you have to remember what you are protesting about. You are NOT advocating cop killers. You are supposed to be calling for justice. The very same justice you expect when and if you end up before the courts. Tell me, in the overall scheme of things, how are you any different from killer cops, when you do stupid stuff like this? WHEN are you going to realize that you are the majority and that the changes you are demanding don’t come from the people on the ground, they come from the higher echelons, the GOVERNMENT?

When you take justice into your own hands, It’s not justice. Its vigilantism. And that’s a death sentence.

Remember the difference between living and dying is JUST two seconds. 1 One thousand – 2 One thousand. Bang.

Two wrongs

And Your Point is?

Merry Christmas! Just kidding. Actually it’s beginning to look a lot like fuck this.

The question I really want you to ask after reading this post is: So what? Seriously, ask the question.

It doesn’t matter what plans you have made, because you have your caring sharing Governments here to tell you what is actually going to happen. Let’s not forget that everything is hidden in plain view. The only difference now, is that we know how it works. We know the rules and we know exactly how the players play.

Why is nothing sacred anymore? Why are there no taboos?

In 1914 both the English and German soldiers put down their weapons, climbed out of their bunkers and declared Christmas day, a day of peace:

That was 100 years ago. One HUNDRED! Will that simple act of humanity ever happen again? Well, probably not this year. Let’s have at it then:

Great. That’s what we needed 12 DAYS before Christmas. Why couldn’t you just sit on this, like you sit on everything else? Why did you decide to be more open and proactive with THIS particular festive gem and nothing else? Why indeed. Could it be to set the scene for this, by any chance?:

Wow. What a complete surprise. I guess I-CIA-SIS really do need a valid (or at least plausible) reason to launch this devastating attack. Hm, what good could come out of something like this? Interesting that the CIA stated no victims could comment on this torture, isn’t it?


Any alarms bells currently clanging in your head yet?

‘Ineffective’ – Why not stop then? Why carry on? Why? what was the point or the purpose?

Well, clearly as I said, the point is justifiable homicide. Sorry? You missed that bit? Well okay, let’s go into it again:
Justifiable Homicide:

That which is committed with the intention to kill, or to do a grievous bodily injury, under circumstances which the law holds sufficient to exculpate the person who commits it.
2. It is justifiable, 1. When a judge or other magistrate acts in obedience to the law. 2. When a ministerial officer acts in obedience to a lawful warrant, issued by a competent tribunal. 3. When a subaltern officer, or soldier, kills in obedience to the lawful commands of his superior. 4. When the party kills in lawful self-defence.
3.-1.  Magistrates, or other officers entrusted with the preservation of the public peace, are justified in committing homicide, or giving orders which lead to it, if the excesses of a riotous assembly cannot be otherwise be repressed.
5-2. An officer entrusted with a legal warrant, criminal or civil, and lawfully commanded by a competent tribunal to execute it, will be justified in committing homicide, if, in the course of advancing to discharge his duty, he be brought into such perils that, without doing so, he cannot either save his life, or discharge the duty which he is commanded by the warrant to perform. And when the warrant commands him to put a criminal to death, he is justified in obeying it.
6.-3. A soldier on duty is justified in committing homicide, in obedience to the command of his officer, unless the command was something plainly unlawful.
Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.

And there you have it. Hidden in plain view. The right to kill, provided the killing is justified.

Justification in this case is I-CIA-SIS, claiming to be (or about to claim to be, I should say, after all I don’t wanna jump the gun do I? I might be called a terrorist) responding to the torture of people by the CIA. The CIA kindly offered this information 12 DAYS before what’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. Why?

And here comes the ‘So what’? Who cares? It’s going to happen whether you want it to or not. Your Christmas is now officially fucked. There. I said it.

What is the point in fueling the already blazing fires in people’s hearts? Was Ferguson not enough? Is THIS not enough?:

Are your Government displeased with giving police officers the perfect platform to kill without provocation or justification? Is it not having the desired effect?

Or is it simply that the killing is not moving fast enough for the eugenicist? Can somebody tell me what the deadline is for the execution of The New World Orders plans? I am guessing it’s pretty soon, judging by recent events.

So what if one extreme militant group wants to kill another? How does that affect us as civilians? Well in order to answer that, your first question should be:

Why don’t your Government want you to fly over the Christmas period? That’s really whats happening isn’t it? This red flag is hiding something. Something that is not in plain view. Perhaps it is in plain sound though?

Of course, we have been hearing ‘strange noises’ for about 3 years now, but doesn’t it stand to reason that you need to test a product before you go live with it?

‘Officials, baffled, say the only logical explanation are fireworks… There was a display in Croydon, but how were people all across UK and Scotland able to hear and feel the booms?’

‘so far scientists have not been able to give us a definitive explanation for the source of these strange noises’

Hm…. Cant tell is what it is, just what it’s not? Strange. I am telling you. It’s coming, whatever ‘it’ is. And I don’t think you will be waiting much longer to find that out. But ‘so what’?



Is Alternative Media becoming Mainstream Sympathizers?

It’s not often I write a post like this, but it surprises me that alternative media, whilst encouraging people to ‘open their eyes’ or ‘expose the truth’ seem to becoming more mainstream by the day. Let me show you just one recent example:

A few excerpts:

“Before Dornnella Conner went for a ride into the hell that engulfed St. Louis suburb on Monday night”

“Dornella Conners told KMOV that she was riding in a car driven by her boyfriend, De’Angelas Lee. They had stopped at a gas station in the 10000 block of Halls Ferry Rd., just a couple of miles from Ferguson. She said they were driving away from the station when police arrived”.

‘“I will have justice for what they did to me,” Conner wrote on Facebook’.

This same story was also published by:
Huffington Post,Yahoo News, STL Today, Russia TV (,, The Daily Mail, USA Today (who went so far as to claim ‘the fetus is fine’ btw), The Mirror, NBC News, USA24, and IB Times.
 Okay, here are my issues with this story. So she is pregnant (‘a few months’)? Why does that make this a story? She was AT the protest or at least a part of it. It’s been going on and getting more out of control for many many weeks. Is the implication in this story, that she had no idea she might get hurt? Were the police to know that this woman was pregnant before taking action?

You know people. This woman had several choices available to her:

1, put yourself in the fray and know you may be harmed.

2, Be there but a safer distance away, protecting yourself and your unborn baby.

3, Don’t go. Stay home and watch it on the TV.

Quick note here:

Read the above stories and tell me, This PREGNANT woman who lost her eye, either driving ‘into hell’ or ‘a couple of miles from Ferguson’, who ‘will have justice’, and even though ‘A warrant has been issued for Lee’s arrest, according to police, with the bond set at $50,000’ because ‘Police reported gun fire from the gas station’ and ‘Police also claim someone tried to run down an officer, who fired at the car fearing for his safety.’, notice there is not one single remark, comment, report about the ‘baby’, the headline of every one of these stories ‘PREGNANT woman loses eye…’.

The big question here is, if this ‘mom to be’ and her boyfriend were as innocent as they claim, where is the boyfriend now? Not much reporting of him in this story.

 Let me tell you what I think about this. This couple thought it would be a good idea if they got involved. They were at the gas station when ‘something’ happened. Whether that was due to them, caused by them or nothing to do with them at all. The police arrived, they tried to run. The woman got caught, the man didn’t. Now the woman wants sympathy for putting herself and her alleged unborn baby at risk.
What disturbs me the most though, is not the details of this ‘suspicious’ story. This happens every time Mainstream news media run any story. No, what disturbs me is that, it ‘seems’ as though alternative media are running the same stories, without asking any legitimate questions. What happened?
This particular story (and it’s the only one I am focusing on right now, because I found this pattern to be repeated too much regarding Ferguson, like the story of ‘kids crying’ (another prick at the ‘parental’ subconscious there) because ‘Protesters Attack Christmas).
 The same story. whilst ALL of them focused on the fact this woman was pregnant, every single one seems to have missed the bigger picture. Why should we have sympathy for this woman who put herself and her unborn baby in danger? Why are we supposed to accept that the cops knew she was pregnant? There was no mention during this incident that she alerted the police, but then why run in the first place, if you are doing nothing wrong? ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’. It is designed to keep the public divided. Those who are horrified that she was hurt, maimed, pregnant, black, young, female and those who think the police were right. Those that think she should receive a huge pay out and those who think she brought it on herself. I don’t. I think the cops did what they were told to do. If you don’t want to be one of those people, don’t put yourself in that situation. I also think this is manufactured to keep people distracted (see below).
Over the last few weeks, I have seen some of THE most disgusting images and comments. All Racist. The majority coming from WHITE people, whether directly, or like the post above, indirectly. It’s everywhere.
This is not about black and white. It’s about organized oppression. Of everyone. Disabled, retarded, black, white, man, women, child, young and old.
This particular story should not have focused on this one woman, but why THIS particular story hit the internet in the first place? Are we supposed to accept that the ONLY oppression taking place are the ones we are told to accept? The question that comes from my heart is: Why have alternative media let us down with this ‘triviality’? Not very ‘eye opening’ or freeing of thought now, is it?
As long as people are fighting each other, we are no longer fighting our true enemy – The Government.
Distract, Divert, Deflect.
Distract the public from the truth or reality of what is happening.
(Distract meaning: the act or an instance of distracting or the state of being distracted)
Divert anger/attention away from this truth/reality.
(Divert meaning: a turning aside or off course :  deviation)
Deflect (deviate) the public from a particular ‘issue’.
(Deflect meaning: to cause (something that is moving) to change direction)
And it’s working, isn’t it?

Eugenics Or Just Incompetent?

Do we give our Governments too much credit? Is it possible that they just simply don’t know how to run a country? Which situation is the Red (False) Flag?

So there are currently two situations to keep us entertained and I can’t help but think:

Have you noticed it’s always two things?

The Boston bombings and CISPA is an example.

Today it’s no different but now our eyes are opened and now is the time we should be asking the right questions.

Ebola or ISIS?

Let’s start with ISIS.

Here are the questions I think we should have asked after Nick Berg:

How many American/British people are held captive? I don’t know about you, but I have no idea.

Why don’t we know exactly how many of our people are being held captive?

How many people knew that Nick Berg, Ken Bigley, James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines and Alan Hennings were being held?

How come the families came out AFTER the murder of these people?

Have you ever heard of Amber Alert? When a child goes missing, an alert is sent out with pictures and information. Parents go on TV pleading for the child to come or be returned home.

Okay so I know these poor people were not children, but my point is the same. If you don’t hear from your son for years, don’t you start to wonder if he is okay?

How come it appears only men have been held captive?

Do ISIS have enough compassion in them to not murder women?

And the big question here is:

what are you thinking?

Are you content to sit back and wait for yet another Youtube video so you can do the job of ‘whom-ever’ (ISIS US and/or British Governments?). See the video, share the video. Raise the level of threat and terror. Demand the Government’s get in there and ‘take ISIS out’.

Isn’t it about time the public asked the question:

How many of our citizens are being held captive by ISIS? Take away the glamor and remember:

These hostages are not there for your entertainment. They are DYING. Publicly. Stop arguing about HOW they died and accept the fact they are dead. Murdered for your viewing pleasure. This is bringing reality TV to a whole new level. And no, I am not linking any of those videos here.

Right, so onto Ebola.

The latest ‘news’ on this is that a travel ban could make it worse?? How?

Surely a travel ban isolates Ebola? Isn’t it like a quarantine? If you stop people carrying the ‘germ’ to other places, you stop the virus spreading? Do I live on a different planet from these ‘Government’ people?

It’s not airborne. There are some who believe it is passed onto others through saliva, sweat etc. Here is my personal response to this. Do you need to spend millions on this? I don’t think so. I think the answer might just be simple:


I imagine there is some really rock solid reason why this is not a feasible response to Ebola, but has anybody actually asked?

Why are we still talking about the damages being done with ISIS and Ebola?

Why are we not asking what is actually being done now, today to resolve these ‘issues’?

Well, I had a thought about this. There are those who believe this is all part of the eugenics program (and I refer more to Ebola than ISIS, so maybe ISIS is the false flag? The distraction from the main event?), but I wonder if the answer is more more obvious than that?

Isn’t it possible that the Government (who we have always believed didn’t know what they were doing) are running round like headless (no pun) chickens asking:

What do we do?

Is there a precedence for this sort of thing?

Yes there is. Bubonic Plague. Anyone remember that?

“Some of the earliest instances of biological warfare were said to have been products of the plague, as armies of the 14th century were recorded catapulting diseased corpses over the walls of towns and villages to spread the pestilence.

Later, plague was used during the Second Sino-Japanese War as a bacteriological weapon by the Imperial Japanese Army. These weapons were provided by Shirō Ishii‘s units and used in experiments on humans before being used on the field. For example, in 1940, the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service bombed Ningbo with fleas carrying the bubonic plague. During the Khabarovsk War Crime Trials, the accused, such as Major General Kiyashi Kawashima, testified that, in 1941, some 40 members of Unit 731 air-dropped plague-contaminated fleas on Changde. These operations caused epidemic plague outbreaks.” – Wikipedia.

It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? ‘The earliest instances of biological warfare were said to been products of the plague’.

The similarities between Ebola and Plague are uncanny:

So, questions:

How many US and UK citizens are being held captive by ISIS?

Why haven’t the families come forward BEFORE those people were killed?

Why are the Government not being forthcoming with this information?

Since the Nick Berg ‘beheading’ in 2003 (11 years ago) what have the Government done to resolve this issue?

How did Ebola start this time round?

How does the military ‘fight’ a virus?

IF our troops our fighting Ebola:

Then WHO is going to rescue the remaining (if any) hostages in Iraq?

Is ISIS the false flag to distract us from the release of this ‘new’ biological weapon?

Is this new weapon the answer to taking out ISIS?

How short is our knowledge of history that we can not use that history to help us with stopping Ebola?

How are the two incidents connected?

Do the Government have any clue about anything other than making poor people poorer?

I for one, do not believe these are separate. As I said, there are always two things at a time. Don’t believe me? The Boston Bombings. Do you know what happened on the same day? You probably don’t as the bombing that was a big ‘incident’, designed to distract you from sneakier misdoings. Allow me:

what does that mean?

NSA Galaxy

It means you no longer have any privacy. The Governments know everything. What your greatest fears are (losing a child? A fellow citizen? Dying of something slow and agonizing? futility?). They know what you like (gossip? scandal?). They know what it takes to control you. They know how to ‘get you on side’ (Strong show of military force? Somebody to ‘save us’?)

Incidentally, I no longer use my Samsung Galaxy.

11/12/2014: Just found this article, posted 31st March and guess what? Seems the plague was airborne after all. Well, who knew? Oh…..hang on……. 26.5 MILLION people were killed because of it? And now there is Ebola?? Go figure.

America – The last True Virgin of the World

I just got into a conversation that started out as being about a mosque on ground zero and quickly deteriorated. Listen. By all means engage me in a conversation, just abide by the rules that go with intelligent debate: If I open with reason, don’t counter with emotion. When I present logic, don’t counter that with ignorance. When I present fact/evidence, don’t counter it with heresy and opinion. And certainly do not glamorize your whole country to suit your purpose. You will lose. Amazingly so.

So the argument went that Muslims do not have the ‘right’ to build a mosque at Ground Zero. It’s an old argument, yet I saw something that changed my mind. I admit that before my eyes were opened, I was against it for the very same reasons, however, I soon got over that.

‘How dare they rub salt into those raw and open wounds?’ ‘What gives them the right?’ ‘oh hell no’ Today, I am not so sure. Let us start at the beginning. This is what started it:

Before my eyes were opened, I would not have questioned this. Today though, after ‘that’ conversation, I thought, wait a minute. IF it’s not okay to build a mosque on Ground Zero, then why is it okay for America to put shopping malls on cemeteries?

Did the Indians who watched their loved ones being killed think, that’s alright, they are American? One of the arguments was that AMERICANS were killed? What nationality are/were native Americans then? I could go on all day about that, using fact and evidence to prove my point, but there is something MUCH bigger in this argument.

Thousands of American and NON US-citizens alike were killed. So, whoever it was behind that (and I won’t get into that unless there is still someone in the world who thinks it was NOT the US Government) did not discriminate right? Well neither does America.
How many people have been blown to bits at America’s hand in JUST the last 13 years? Is there even anyway to calculate that? I strongly suspect it was more than 2,997.

“Estimates of the casualties from the conflict in Iraq since 2003 (beginning with the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, and the ensuing occupation and insurgency) “The Iraq Body Count project (IBC) figure of 110,937 – 121,227 civilian deaths from violence up to December 2012 includes reported civilian deaths due to Coalition and insurgent military action, sectarian violence and increased criminal violence. The IBC site states: “it should be noted that many deaths will probably go unreported or unrecorded by officials and media.” The IBC website currently states that, “Further analysis of the WikiLeaks’ Iraq War Logs may add 12,000 civilian deaths.” – Wikipedia.

So that’s just in 9 years. That’s seems to be a lot more than the body count at ground zero, doesn’t it? And of course, that was calculated as at 21 months ago. Do we add all the people that were killed SINCE then?

Documented civilian deaths from violence

129,712 – 145,435

Total violent deaths including combatants

195,000 to that ‘Over a million Iraqis have been killed since America invaded Iraq in 2003’ – 2014So the twin towers came down and that was horrible. I watched it on TV. A sad sad day for sure. How many children died on 9/11?

“There was a day care in the tower but it was on the ground floor, so all of the children were safely evacuated. So no children were known to have died in the towers, but eight children were on the airplanes that hit the buildings. Five children were on American flight 77 (all under 12 years) and three children were on United 175 (ages 2 – 4). In addition, several women who died in the towers that day were pregnant”.

8 Children were killed because of that attack on the US. What about on the other side of the ‘war’?

“Thousands of children have been killed in the conflict that began in March 2011, and many more have been displaced by the fighting between regime forces and the rebels.”

Thousands of children in just 3 years????

No hospital is on record as being destroyed through 9/11 in the US.

Do you get my point yet? I do have sympathy for those that lost their lives, however they are gone. We have to move on. I don’t think putting a building of ANY kind on the 9/11 site should be your priority. Certainly not when your own Government wont even let the first responders pay their respects at the site. Why isn’t THAT bigger news?:

Those people who present silly arguments over a trivial matter really need to look at the bigger picture. Yes a couple of thousand people were killed on 9/11, but America have killed HUNDREDS of thousands since then. Stop acting like America have never once been mean to anyone and that this attack was completely unprovoked.


Democrats And Republicans Find Some Common Ground

Hey! look who finally agreed on something!! Fantastic.

Now, whilst most of us would think it defeats the purpose of having two parties agreeing on anything, some of us are smart enough to realize this must be about something big.

“The House of Representatives just voted to formally rebuke Barack Obama for illegally freeing five terrorists from Guantanamo Bay without notifying Congress within the amount of time required by law.

The bipartisan vote was 249-163, with 22 Democrats joining the Republicans in formally condemning Obama’s illegal bypass of Congress”.

Rebuking? What does that mean? Rebuking as in say goodbye to freedom? or rebuking as in ‘you naughty boy’?

“The question is, however, a simple one: Why were five Taliban commanders released in exchange for someone whose platoon mates openly say is a deserter?”

That’s actually a bloody good question. How come I haven’t heard this question put forward before?


Because the news media are a bit slow on the uptake? Because the Government own the mainstream media? Because it’s been a really busy time for reporters and anchors just recently? Possibly but more than likely, it’s because there is a ‘Snowden’ sort of thing going on.

“Incompetence with regard to trading with terrorists for hostages has been a hallmark not just of the Obama administration, but of many Western countries over the past few years. Israel recently released 1,000 Palestinian terror prisoners in exchange for soldier Gilad Shalit, prompting Hamas to seek the kidnapping of as many Israelis as possible. “

1,000 prisoners for ONE soldier? ‘A life for a life’. Where in the bible does it say: One life? What does he do? He is a soldier? Wow, better make that life worth 1,000 other lives’.

So were the two Americans killed because Obama wouldn’t do the same for ISIS that he did for the Taliban?

“There are now reports that ISIS offered to release Foley in exchange for $100 million. According to The New York Times:

The group pressed the United States to provide a multimillion-dollar ransom for his release, according to a representative of his family and a former hostage held alongside him. The United States — unlike several European countries that have funneled millions to the terror group to spare the lives of their citizens — refused to pay.”


Anyway, back to that ‘rebuking’………..

When you have more than one child, you can’t play favourites. So how come Bergdahls life is more important than Foley and Sotloff? Well I said it before. The ‘Snowden’ effect.  There are some people who believe Snowden is/was a spy:

“Instead, he was either used or volunteered as a CIA operative to carry the endless turf war between CIA and NSA a new step forward. People at the CIA WERE able to access those NSA documents and they gave the documents to Snowden and he ran with them”.

So what did the Taliban have that America wanted Bergdahl to get? It must have been something very important that he would give up those soldiers. I hope that it was worth the life of those two Americans and any more to follow.


And I hope that ‘rebuke’ reverberates round the world for many many years to come, if only to serve as a warning to future leaders as to what will happen the next time they try to beat the devil.

“Ten thousand souls was the opening bid,
And it soon went up to fifty-nine,
But the Lord didn’t see what the Devil did,
And he said “that suits me fine”,
“I’ll raise you high to a hundred and five,
And forever put an end to your sins”,
But the Devil let out a mighty shout, “My hand wins!!”

Spanish Train
by Chris De Burgh

Whilst We Are Throwing Out Wild And Crazy Ideas…..

You need a license:
To drive
To own a dog
To own a gun
To Watch TV
To sell liquor
To host a public performance
To ‘tag’
To child-mind (funny. You need a license to look after a strangers kids, but you don’t need one to look after your own)
To dance (in New York its a cabaret license)
To perform in the street
To dismantle and recycle a car (Alabama)
To talk on Radio
You need a permit:
To hunt
To fish
To panhandle
To hold a garage sale
To work out in public parks (Los Angeles)
You also need:
A license to marry
A petition to divorce
You need a passport to travel
A certificate to prove you were born and another to prove you died.
You need insurance for:
A car
A house
A business
Your health
Your life
Your pets
A holiday

You even need a social security number AND a tax number to prove that you can work and you are paying for the pleasure to do so.

So, how come you don’t need a thing to vote?

Let’s face it, the majority of people who vote, really shouldn’t be out on their own, yet their cross in the box is counted as valid. Before you knock me for that think for a minute, don’t you know some-one who is a dumb as a box of rocks? you do, you know you do.

Be honest: How many people voted for Obama because he is black? Clinton because he looked good? Cameron because he is ‘one of the boys’? Thatcher Because she was a woman?

This is how politics and voting can be summed up in a few words.
You vote them in, they do a shit job, you complain and then vote the next idiot to take his place.

George Carlin said: I don’t vote, so I have a valid right to complain.

And he is right. You can not complain if they are doing it wrong, when you gave them the opportunity to do it wrong in the first place. I have been saying this for many years – If you want proper, real, solid change:


And no, before you ask. I don’t vote. I have only ever liked one candidate. That guy I voted for and he did a great job. No-one has come close since.




Hypothetically Speaking, Of Course

Lets have a little look at who might be ganging up on poor America:

So Russia, who have recently moved their nuclear weapons to theirs borders and warned America to stay out of it, and China, well they were led to believe they were going to build a mega solar farm slap bang in the middle of Texas didn’t they?

And there is talk of ISIS merging with Saudi Arabia:

True or false? You decide:

So what could poor old America have done to warrant such hostility? Well perhaps it was dumb shit like this:

They did it once. What’s to stop them doing it again? Well nothing if the experts who have studied the James Foley ‘beheading’ are to be believed. Why would a country do something like this if it wasn’t to stir up trouble? Should there be another 9/11 attack, who would be at fault? Those that acted on false information, or the Obama Administration for ensuring they would?

Hypothetically speaking, I personally would like to see Great Britain side with Russia and China. Why? Well because:

Imagine. The US would be covered on all sides. If there was a war to be had, and let’s face it, America seems to be gung-ho about it, why not take the fight to them? About time the administration got a slap down, and if the citizens are not bothered, well, why not?

Financially speaking, America gets what it wants. Russia gets what it wants, China may or may not get what it wants and Britain will finally be an equal in Americas eyes.
I think it’s about time America realized they are no longer the most powerful country in the world. Disagree? Look at how many countries America has started a ‘war’ with and look at their reasoning behind it. Then research whether those reasons were justified.

I am in no way suggesting we go to war with America. As the title says – Hypothetically speaking.

Ps, I just got sent this. What do you think? True or false??

UPDATE September 12, 2014:

Told ya –

WHY is Russia warning the US AGAINST strikes on ISIS/ISIL?



A Little TOO Convenient For My Liking

So, The CIA, sorry ISIS, allegedly behead Andrew Foley. ISIS were probably expecting the ‘usual’ follow on of ‘not’ negotiating with terrorists. At the very least America would declare war. So how did the former Al-CIA-da outfit react when they saw the response their hastily put together video: (note: this is NOT the beheading of Andrew Foley).

Well, they clearly went away, had a rethink, ordered in some much better equipment and decided to try again.

What I found interesting is that I-CIA-sis stated the next beheading would be a British man. What better way to get Britain to do EXACTLY what America want? Don’t forget Britain said they didn’t want a war with Russia. Of course THIS time, things have to be seen to be done ‘properly’.

I notice that Obama referred to I-CIA-sis as ISIL. But I thought they changed their name to just ‘IS’?

So, what is Cameron going to do? He already stated Britain were not interested in fighting Russia for the US. After that public announcement, this militant group threaten to kill a Brit? Doesn’t that sound just a little too neat to you? A little too timely? Convenient? Well it would, if Cameron announced any kind of conflict with I-CIA-sis

Great! Good on the Brits.


‘Cameron has already told MP’s he regards Isis as a threat to the British way of life, and has not ruled out RAF involvement in air strikes’.

‘Cameron is certain to confer with the US president, Barack Obama, at the Nato summit in Wales on Thursday, both about the threat to further hostages and the wider strategy to combat Isis’.

Cameron, you don’t have the brains you were born with. You are seriously talking to Obama about launching a strike on the team HE created? That’s kind of like me telling my friend I am going to steal their money from them, before I actually do it (not that I would. Some of us have morals Dave). Wake up you idiot!

How convenient that this has come about just one day before Dave and Barack are scheduled to get together. Why not the day after? A week later?

Ask yourself who stands to gain by this threat coming out now, after Cameron knew for months that a Brit was being held hostage. After Cameron sent a team in to rescue this guy and failing. Surely if Cameron knew, Obama MUST know?

Why didn’t Obama send in a team to rescue the Americans? Why didn’t Obama and Cameron work together then, when it mattered.

As I said, little too convenient.

UPDATE September 14, 2014:



Are The Players Being Played?

Picture the scene:

Vladimir Putin orders his troops to the Russian border with nuclear weapons and warns the United States of America to stay out of Russia.

4 days ago an Ex-CIA agent called for the assassination of Putin:

Today 7 warships moved into Cardiff Bay in Wales, UK.

Tomorrow President Obama will arrive in Cardiff.

The day after is the NATO summit:

Just 147 miles from Cardiff are 5 tiny islands. They are called The Channel Islands.

Some-one is missing a trick here. Or maybe not. Tonight I heard a suggestion that there would be a terrorist attack in Cardiff on Thursday morning, but perhaps that is just a false flag?

Put all this together and the thought that springs to mind is IF there was a president marked for assassination, isn’t it more likely to be Obama than Putin? Who is furthest away from his ‘home’, without his thousands of soldiers to hide behind?

WHICH country has not made one mention of nuclear weapons? Which country has been treated like Americas bitch for far too long? Which country does America publicly claim to be allies with, yet leaves that country out of any serious negotiations?

WHICH country has the most to gain by switching allegiance to Russia? Which country owns The Channel Islands, just a hop, skip and a jump away from Cardiff, with NO increase in port security? No way of checking those who are ‘just passing through’ during ‘tourist season’.

“We’re not about to launch a European war, we’re not about to send the fleet to the Black Sea, we’re not looking for a military confrontation” – Prime Minister David Cameron.

It’s just a thought but I wouldn’t be surprised if something did happen on Thursday. Naturally, I would rather be wrong, of course I would, but in case I am not, I guess America would demand Britain seek retribution for their king.

As we know The New World Order have no use for a liability such as Obama. He really burned his bridges there. Why? well imagine you controlled this guy and you told him to kill the people and make their lives as miserable as sin. When you are creating your New World population, would YOU want some-one who could do that so easily to the people he is supposed to care for? What would he do to your New World?

It’s my opinion that Obama has come to the end of his reign. He has let too much information get out into the public domain. As I said, he is a liability now.


Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

It saddens me that the people supporting ‪#‎DarrenWilson‬ seem to be saying, it’s okay to kill an unarmed person IF they have a poor track record. And not ONE seems to acknowledge the problem escalated when the military police arrived pointing semi automatic weapons at the peaceful protest and not the instant the cop and the kid came into contact.

No matter. Lets just stick to prejudice, shall we? It seems to be easier to digest. Not one word about the cop who pointed a gun at unarmed peoples’ chests saying (to camera) “I’m gonna f***ing shoot you” ‪#‎Officergofuckyourself‬
These people seem to forget that when the ‘criminals’ are all dead, they will be looking at shooting other people. And what constitutes a criminal in these times anyway?

Can the police shoot you for for being depressed? Well, apparently yes, yes they can. 16 times too would you believe?

My point is support cops who shoot unarmed people in need of help if you must, but keep it in perspective. Look at the bigger picture before you give a cop just over a quarter a million $$ for ‘legalized murder’.

Yes, I did say that because the cop in this case is on ‘paid vacation’ so he is still receiving his pay. This GoFundMe page is nothing more than ‘settling the bill’ or a ‘gratuity’ for a job well done.

Who is to say it won’t be the other way round at any given point? Give a cop a quarter million dollars and wouldn’t he shoot just about anybody you wanted??


6 thoughts on “Archived 2014

  1. From Janette Hamilton:
    Article: Democrats And Republicans Find Some Common Ground
    Comment: Rebuking is never the “say goodbye to freedom” type of response, it is always more of a “slap on the wrist” you naughty boy kind of thing.


  2. From: Whistle Blower
    Article: The Year in Review – January 3rd, 2014

    1. planned parenthood gives preventative measures to women as early on in their teens to prevent pregnancy. FOR FREE might I add. There is no F’n need to cover this BS on health care.
    2. The only reason any woman should abort is if it will kill them to give birth or if they’ve been raped. (sorry if some don’t agree)

    Our government is fucked in the head. If they think newborns aren’t people. they’re fucked in the head if they think it’s okay to kill 5 year olds. 5 year olds attend school- kindergarten/pre-school. They can think, act, breath, show emotion on and on. Being a new mom and 9 weeks into my pregnancy. Holy fuck hell is all I can say about this situation.

    Our government does not have a right to poke or prod or even decide if our children should die or live. THEY SHOULD NOT have this right. And for them to hide it from all of us in America, to where we have to watch either foreign tv or youtube videos to get the full scoop. Doesn’t shock me in the least. This has been ongoing for years. Media covering all this up just so the big boys can play tyrant and now GOD apparently, with our lives.

    Americans really need to wake the hell up. Because this is going way past the point of no return.


  3. From: pirater un compte
    Article: Is Alternative Media becoming Mainstream Sympathizers?
    Comment: I think most of people probably belly up with your three. Face-to-face is easily the most secure and private, you can come up your location, you can control your environment, utilized visually see the receiver, you possess the most control.


  4. From: twitter follower
    Article: Whilst We Are Throwing Out Wild and Crazy Ideas…
    Comment: Thanks for another informative web site. Where else could I get that type of info written in such a perfect manner?
    I’ve a undertaking that I’m simply now running on, and I’ve been at the glance out for such information.


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